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Alton, Illinois
   Located in the midwestern state of Illinois you will find the city of Alton. Alton is located along the Mississippi, and has a history that goes back before the town was founded in 1837. Alton was the site of the final Lincoln-Douglas debate, the birthplace of the legendary Miles Davis, the home of Robert Wadlow, known as the tallest man in the world at 8' 11 1/2", and has earned the title of one of the most haunted towns in the country. 
   One of the sites inside the town is the Milton School. Opened in 1904, this building served the education of the public children of Alton until 1984. After being closed, it reopened in the 1990's as a factory for Intaglio Design, a company which manufactured decorative glass. It's current owners are Meredith Elston and Joel Johnson.   
   How many tales of hauntings start as folklore? That can be a hard question to answer. And it might possibly be the reason for this haunting. The story goes that in the 1930's a school girl was raped and murdered, her body being found in the school. Over the years she has been dubbed "Mary." Several days later a janitor in the school was found hanging in the boiler room, a noted found near the body that simply said "I did it." But did this ever happen? Many people have researched, and no record of this event has ever been found.  So did this terrible thing really happen? If so, did the janitor do the deed, or was he too in fact murdered and framed, while the real killer walked away? Will we ever know the answers to these questions?
   It was to this location that River Valley Paranormal Investigations travelled in June, 2011. Several members of our team joined with other teams to see if we could find anwers to these questions. And in the process, we were introduced to the group River Bend Paranormal, the host investigative team for the night. We first met Brian, and than Carrie and Erin. Later we were introduced to Bill and Ivana. This team made us feel right at home, and a part of their family of investigators. We had the chance to visit, share ideas, were able to talk about equipment, and evidence they had collected on their last investigation.
  Previous reports of activity includes the sound of footsteps in the hallway, items that disappear to reappear elsewhere, broken glass when no one was around, the presence of a threatening spirit, the feeling of an unsettled presence, the apparition of a little girl. One person who worked in the building often had a feeling of the threatening presence and would experience shortness of breath as well as the feeling of panicking. Would any of these occur this night? There was only one way to find out..investigate!
  The sounds of moving furnature, growls, and heavy breathing are just part of the experiences we had that night. The owners were super nice, and let us roam around their home.  This location has been previously featured on the "Ghost Hunters" series. We want to thank them for the gracious manner they welcomed us, and for opening this beautiful old building and giving it lots of love and a face lift it deserves. And for allowing paranormal teams to search for the answers, which has so far evaded detection.
The Milton School in 1968
The Piasa Bird, the native
American "dragon", originally found painted near this site.
Teri and Stephenie discuss something with Brian from River Bend Paranormal
The shower room
The shower room
Hallway in the basement

Shower room, approximately 3 hours into the investigation. Investigators Bill, Matt, Stephenie, Teri.  Ghost Box Session.

       Shower room, same time.

Team member was on the first floor landing, this was heard.
 2 hours and 12 minutes into the investigation, girls shower room.
This was captured in the girls shower room
Captured in the boy' bathroom.
*Please use headphones to be able to best hear all audio clips.  
Shower room, approximately 3 hours into the investigation.
Again, shower room. It was an interesting EVP session.
Captured in the basement, beside the boiler.
1 hour 52 minutes into the investigation. This was in the girls shower room.
Heard behind the girls shower room.

There were several more occurances of the sound of furniture being moved across the floor, captured on multiple recorders. The ones posted are the best recordings we obtained that night.
For a more complete report of this investigation:   Milton School 
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