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   Welcome to River Valley Paranormal Investigations' home on the web. We are pleased to announce that we have  moved to a new server and have more space to present our photos, audio files, video files, and reports from our investigations. We are excited about the new investigations we have completed and look forward to sharing our experiences with you!  But in addition to the investigations, reports, and evidence that we will be presenting, River Valley Paranormal Investigations will try to show more about each location, including history of the building and grounds, and some insight as to what makes each individual location unique. Knowing more about the location will definitely makes us more aware of the responses that we receive. We hope you enjoy reading and hearing about each location, and will feel more a part of our team with each link you visit.  

   River Valley Paranormal Investigations covers Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa as our primary coverage area, but cases outside our primary area will be determined on a case by case basis.

   To help you find new pages, follow the links below. New pages will remain highlighted for approximately 2 weeks. For some updates to old pages, follow the links under the update highlight.

   Please feel free to leave a signature in the guest book, email the contact address, contact any member, or leave a suggestion about ways to improve the site, or any comment you would like to make. So thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon! 

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